AUTO: Yonpladyod, Kitsda is out of the office. (returning 03/06/2017)

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AUTO: Yonpladyod, Kitsda is out of the office. (returning 03/06/2017)


I am out of the office until 03/06/2017.

Single Sign-On, OpenAM (WSSO),ESSO  Please Contact K.Phairat Jirawannakul Tel. 089-146-7650
Active Directory, SAMBA Domain Please Contact K. Somrit W. Tel. 086-522-3484

Others, Please contact my manager K. Nakorn P. Tel. 086-563-0655
or Please call or drop me the message @ email or 089-183-4418
I will reply if I'm avaliables.

Wishing you a Merry X'mas  and Happy New year 2017

Best Regards,

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