Error in POST data when using mod_wl and OpenAM agent

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Error in POST data when using mod_wl and OpenAM agent




          We have deployed our application on Weblogic and it has been protected with OpenAM web agent installed on Apache Httpd Server and the same has been accessed via ReverseProxy. Httpd Server uses the mod_wl plugin.


          When we have the payload more than 2048 bytes, mod_wl writes the payload into a temp file but could not process the request.


[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [debug] ap_proxy.cpp(461): [client] <257261478165674895> weblogic: Going to get the post data of size=18333 clength=0, referer:


[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [debug] BaseProxy.cpp(3283): [client] <257261478165674895> weblogic: getWLFilePath: Complete File name = [/usr/local/apache2/2224/intranet-bansel/WLTempDir/_wl_proxy/_post_25726_0], referer:


[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [debug] mod_dumpio.c(113): mod_dumpio: dumpio_in [readbytes-blocking] 18333 readbytes


[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [debug] mod_dumpio.c(55): mod_dumpio:  dumpio_in (data-HEAP): 1460 bytes




[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [error] [client] <257261478165674895> weblogic: Error 0 in reading 0/8192 bytes from temp request body file '/usr/local/apache2/2224/intranet-bansel/WLTempDir/_wl_proxy/_post_25726_0', referer:


[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [error] [client] <257261478165674895> weblogic: 0 bytes previously written, 0 bytes previously read, referer:


[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [debug] ApacheProxy.cpp(486): [client] <257261478165674895> weblogic: Redirecting the error response to the errorPage = [/Login.htm], referer:


[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [error] [client] <257261478165674895> weblogic: *******Exception type [READ_ERROR_FROM_FILE] (Internal processing error) raised at line 1420 of ApacheProxy.cpp, referer:


[Thu Nov 03 10:34:34 2016] [error] [client] <257261478165674895> weblogic: error sending headers or Post Data to WebLogic, sys err#: [0] sys errmsg [Success], referer:


          The same works fine without having OpenAM agent. Could you please help me how to solve this issue?





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