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Nicolas Seigneur
I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of our work on Dockerizing ForgeRock stack.

At Indigo Consulting Canada, we have been working with ForgeRock on Docker for over 2 years, we have had multiple iteration and we finally decided to share our work with the greater community.

One key aspect of our stack is that we have automated multiple integration within the stack. For example, we have integrated OpenIG with OpenAM to demonstrate SAML/OAuth/PEP. 

This allows for quick demonstration and experimentation and can serve as a guide for automating OpenAM installation and makes our approach complimentary to ForgeRock's own DevOps initiative.

You can find the various resources below:

Our fist blog entry on the topic:
Our Docker images: 
Our Source code: 

If you have any inputs, questions or issues, comment in this thread! 

Nicolas Seigneur
Indigo Technologies Canada, Inc.
mobile: +1.514.965.4890

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