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Forgerock/Splunk Alerts

Rife, Brandon
Hi All,

I want to be able to detect when a given IP/UserID fails to authenticate N times within a given time period, T.  We currently use a Splunk alert for this with a vendor other that Forgerock but we are deprecating that vendor in favor of Forgerock so I need comparable functionality.  This doesn’t have anything to do with account locking, it is more of an early warning that someone may be trying to hack their way into our application.

The Forgerock logs as currently configured, I am unable to find the information needed in a single place.  As an FYI, we authenticate via the OpenAM REST endpoint, not the OpenAM login page.  Any guidance or help is much appreciated regarding any intrinsic Forgerock functionality to fire such an alert or the possibility of configuring the OpenAM logs so that they could drive a Splunk query.


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