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Identity Tech Talks

Wayne Blacklock
ForgeRock are proud to announce the start of a regular series of Identity Tech Talks! 

Join these regular monthly events to learn more about the latest trends in digital identity tech. We'll have friendly, informal talks focused on digital identity across apps, devices and connected things. Learn anything from best practice mobile app authentication, massive-scale deployments, or how your users can securely take control over sharing their data. We'd love to hear your ideas for topics to discuss too! 

These talks are organised and sponsored by ForgeRock, but we aim for the talks to be wide ranging and not product-specific. Our first talks are being hosted in London and Munich, and are open to the public - including our community users, customers and partners, and anyone interested in identity technology.

The London events will be the 4th Tuesday evening of each month. Find out more by clicking here and joining the Meetup group.

For more information on our Munich events, click here.

If you can’t make it to these events, but would like to learn more, or are interested in an event in your city, email [hidden email].

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