Problem about upgrading OpenAM 12 to OpenAM 13

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Problem about upgrading OpenAM 12 to OpenAM 13

Dear All

I faced a problem when I upgrade OpenAM 12 to OpenAM 13.

Problem is as follows.
Upgrade process was finished normaly.
After finishing upgrade, I logged in OpenAM 13 with amadmin and
access Authentication setting page.
Then I received error messages(resource not found).
All authentication configuration was not shown.

As far as I investigate, the cause of this problem is 404 response.
When I access "Top of Realm > Authentication > setting(or chains or  
modules)" page,
it returned 404 response.
Therefore OpenAM could not show authentication configurations.

In investigating, I found OpenAM 6803.

Situation is same of this bugster.
But in my environment, this bug was fixed.

Do you know any infomation about this problem.
if you know, please teach me.


1. stop tomcat.
2. change OpenAM 12 war file to OpenAM 13 war file.
3. start tomcat.
4. access OpenAM and click upgrade button.
5. After fisnishing upgrade,restart tomcat.
6. logged in OpenAM 13 with amadmin
7. access "Top of Realm > Authentication > setting" page.

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